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Terms of Use

Thank you for your purchase. By purchasing the online lesson titled "The Secret Art of Persuasion" from Ishoy Corporation, you are entering into a license agreement. Each time you log in with your user name and password you are indicating agreement to this license.

Terms of Use:
All lesson content of The Secret Art of Persuasion, to include online written sessions, Quick Reference Guide, practical exercises and audio sessions, was created by Ishoy Corporation and there by the intellectual property of Ishoy Corporation. The term ?lesson content? in this document refers to all of the intellectual property titled ?The Secret Art of Persuasion? as presented on the website http://secretsop.com.

You may:
Log In at any time and as often as you like to review all of the lesson content. You can share all of the lesson content with any member of your immediate household to include a spouse, children or other legal dependent who resides with you.
You may provide summary information about The Secret Art of Persuasion to any other person or persons for the sole purpose of promoting the program to potential customers.
You can use the lesson material for your own benefit in any way that is legal and ethical.

You may not:
Share or redistribute any of the lesson content to others outside of your immediate household for their personal use.
Share or redistribute any of the lesson content for commercial gain without the permission of Ishoy Corporation.
Use any of the lesson contact to spread hate, violence, unethical values, or any use prohibited by law. No exceptions.
Claim any of the lesson content as your own.

Limited Liability:
Ishoy Corporation shall not be liable for any damages resulting from use of the lesson content from this purchase.

Thank You:
Thank you for abiding by these terms and for respecting the intellectual property of Ishoy Corporation. If you have any questions or comments regarding this Terms of Use you can contact Ishoy Corporation in any means possible.

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