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The Secret Art of Persuasion Referral Program

How it works:
Secrets of Persuasion will pay a referral fee to any eligible customer or qualified person who has applied to the Referral Program on all referrals that result in an actual completed purchase of any of the current packages offered by Secrets of Persuasion.

Customers of The Secret Art of Persuasion will receive a customer number along with their Log In and password. When making a referral you will need to provide the potential customer whom you are referring with your customer number and instruct them to enter your number under "Billing Info" when making a purchase. Your account will automatically be credited for the appropriate referral fee.

Referral payments are paid monthly at a rate of $100 per customer on each new qualified customer who purchases the Exclusive (BEST VALUE), $150 on each new qualified customer who purchases the Ultimate and $25 on any qualified new customer who purchases the Starter. Monthly payments will be issued at the first day of each month for the previous month earnings. Time of arrival of payments to each member of the Referral Program may differ due to banking procedures.

You can keep track of your individual earnings under this Referral Program by clicking on the "My Referrals" tab after logging in to your account. Individuals who are not customers but sign up for the Referral Program without making a purchase will not have an online account and will need to contact Secrets of Persuasion directly for this information.

Why we do this:
Secrets of Persuasion would rather pay out fees to our loyal customers for promoting The Secret Art of Persuasion rather than spend an equal amount on other advertising options.

Terms of Agreement:
No Purchase is necessary to enroll in the Referral Program. Referrals do not include upgrades or additional purchases. To apply for our Referral Program without making a purchase click here.

Secrets of Persuasion reserves the right to change any of the Packages offered for sale at any time and/or any part of the referral program. Secrets of Persuasion will notify all eligible persons of any changes to the Referral Program or any of the referral fees one month before the changes are made.
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