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Ishoy Corporation is Robert Ishoy and his son Justin Ishoy. Robert is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of the Art of Persuasion.

Robert Ishoy

His background and credentials
as a subject matter expert includes:

  • BA in History from California State University Fresno (Cum Laude),
  • AA in Social Sciences from Merced College,
  • AS in Intelligence Operations from Cochise College (High Honors).
  • Member of The Military Intelligence Corps (awarded in 1989),
  • Former Army Interrogator and veteran of Desert Storm,
  • Corporate Director of Security and Loss Prevention,
  • Former Church Missionary,
  • Master instructor of Human Intelligence for the U.S. Army and Department of Defense.

Additional Training includes; The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, Joint Interrogation Certification Course, Joint Senior Interrogation Course, Advanced Cognitive Interviewing and Forensic Statement Analysis, U.S. Army Intelligence Center (USAIC) Instructor Training Course, USAIC Small Group Instructor Training Course, USAIC Advanced Instructional Methods Course, Socratic Questioning Workshop.

Awards and Honors include: Department of Defense Human Intelligence Award 2011, Instructor of the Quarter Award 2012 from HUMINT Training Joint Center of Excellence (HTJCOE).

Justin Ishoy is the technical expert, software engineer, and creator of the web site and the information technologies that support the online learning program.

Justin Ishoy

His credentials as a
software engineer includes:

  • Software Programming
  • Hardware Programming
  • Server and Network Security
  • VP Technology
  • Business Application Analysis
  • Technical Business Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Systems Management

Together Robert and his son Justin have developed The Secret Art of Persuasion learning experience. The Secret Art of Persuasion may not change how you live your life but then again it just might.

It is the goal of Ishoy Corporation to provide our customers with a unique learning experience that incorporates various teaching methods to help our customers master the Art of Persuasion.
Secret Art of Persuasion. COMMUNICATE BETTER!!